Nutrition Information and Weight Watchers Points for Grocery Store-Bought Foods

Coming Soon!

Our Weight Watchers 'One Point List' was an extremely valuable resource, in it's time.

It needs an update, but we are currently working on other parts of our home.

If you have ideas for this section - feel free to collaborate with us. We have great things planned.

Weight Watchers Food Points

It's been over a decade since this section of our site has received any love :(
If you'd like to revisit 1999, or using the old method of calculating Weight Watchers Points, then we have THIS from our archives.

Nutrition Facts Common Sense

Are you looking for a better way to compare nutrition information facts of common foods that you would find on your visit to the grocery store?

So are we!

We'll be adding our findings in a unique way so you can easily view our results.