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    Default In a veggie rut

    Does anyone out there have any ideas for getting my veggies in for snacks? I don't really get sick of having my fruit, but lately I'm getting sick of just doing fresh veggies & FF Ranch. I like to have them as a snack at work, and it' an easy way of making sure I get my veggies in for the day. I usually try to get in 2 serving of fruit and 2-3 servings of veggies throughout the day.
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    Lightbulb Re: In a veggie rut

    How about a shredded cabbage salad with sugar snap peas dressed with some seasoned rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame oil, and ginger? Yummy!!! I find this salad SO filling and delicious. 1 tsp of oil mixed with 1 Tbsp of vinegar covers a lot of salad.

    Another option is to use your favorite cooked veggie as a snack. For instance, I warm up a cup of plain frozen peas, or bring leftover roasted veggies to reheat.

    Finally, try to add more veggies to your soups and sandwiches. I pile fresh spinach on sandwiches or use mashed avocado in place of other spreads. And whenever I think I have enough veggies in a soup, I go ahead and add a few more.
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    I love the peppers that are on the market now--the red, yellow and orange ones are so sweet. I cut them in half, take out the seeds and then spread laughing cow cheese in them = 1 pt for the whole pepper!!

    I chop up an assortment of veggies into bite size pieces that I can just pop into my mouth--throw in some grape tomatoes for a real treat!! Sprinkle spices on them for an added oomph!!
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    Have you tried low sodium V-8?

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    Talking Re: In a veggie rut

    Ya know? I was having the same dilema with my veggie intake and COMPLETELY forgot about V-8! Thanks for the reminder!!

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    Thanks for the great ideas! It's like it's all there under my nose but don't see it until someone else points it out. The cabbage salad made me remember the WW recipe for Oriental Salad, and the idea of a pepper with the cheese sounds great. And I never would have thought of the low-sodium V-8.Thanks again everyone!
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    Just tonight I said to my husband "siggggh...they need to invent some new vegetables. "

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    Default Re: In a veggie rut

    marinate them overnight for a tasty snack- bring the container to work.
    eat pickled ones
    stir fry them
    put them in stews, casseroles, omelettes, curries, spaghetti sauces
    steam them
    put different spices on them- like popcorn spice on steamed cauliflower
    make a different dip and try dipping different veggies
    use your good oil and fry up onions and mushrooms
    make cole slaws, my favorite cole salw dressing is litehouse (and I cannot find it since I moved here !!!)
    Have salsa as a dressing or low salt soy on veggies

    Good Luck
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    Lightbulb Re: In a veggie rut

    GG- Great idea about the peppers and Laughing Cow! I'm gonna try that.
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    Another yummy way to get a veggie snack in is Homemade Microwave Potato Chips. My DH and kiddos can't get enough of these. I posted this under points question but am still not sure how many points for these.

    Microwave Potato Chips
    3 medium size Potatoes
    Cooking Spray
    light salt, or any seasoning you love or whatever ya'll would would recommmend that is ww friendly...Any Ideas?

    Slice potatoes as thin as possible. I use a vegetable peeler. Soak the potatoes briefly in cold water. Pat Dry. Sprinkle with seasoning.
    Coat a large, flat plate with Cooking Spray. Place a single layer of slices on the plate. Microwave on high 4-6 minutes, or until the chips are crisp and light brown. Make sure microwave rotates if not rotate halfway through cooking time. These are so good with seasoning salt....They bubble and are so crunchy.

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    Holy cow those micorwave potato chips sound great! I'm definitely trying them soon!
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    They are so so good...I'm hoping we can figure out the points. I want to have them but I'm afraid until I know the portion size=points.


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    Sometimes I use cucumber slices as "chips" with salsa. That's getting 2 veggies for the price of one!

    Cukes also make good dippers for hummus.

    You could also make cucumber salad by marinating in vinegar.

    Can you tell I love cukes?
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    Default Re: In a veggie rut

    That's a good tip using cukes! Thanks.

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    Default Re: In a veggie rut

    Love the idea of mw potato chips.
    In re vegetables, leftover veggies get marinated overnight and are tossed into a salad at lunch.

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    Default Re: In a veggie rut

    I love leftover broccoli with a sprinling of basilicum vinegar. Lukewarm is best.

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    I have beed eating two carrots and 1 small zuchinni, cooked as a snack with butter spray and I like them so much better than raw. I am so tired of crunchy veggies. I also love salad and have discovered a great taste combination. 1 TBLS White balsamic vinegar and 2 TBLS of fat free caesar dressing, mixed together on any salad it is wonderful and only 1 point.

    I am going to try the cucumbers and salsa that is a great idea, and the potato chips in the microwave, they would really only count as the potato weight right?
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    I'm new to weight watchers and am challenged counting points. I found Bootcamp Buddies while looking for a way to count points for the recipe below. I made this soup this morning. It tastes so good I'm afraid it has more than I should be eating. I'm on my 3rd cup!!!! Help. !

    Cabbage Cauliflower Soup with Tomotoes
    1/3 white cabbage
    1/3 cauliflower
    6 plum tomatoes
    1 can of tomatoe paste
    2 chicken bouillon cubes
    juice from 2 lemons and 2 limes
    @ 4 cups of water
    Ground pepper

    Cooked on the stove @ 3 hours.

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    Default Re: In a veggie rut

    Yummy Snackie:

    Grape tomatoes dipped in Splenda or Equal. Thanks to my mom for that recomendation!
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