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Thread: Breakfast you can reheat?

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    Question Breakfast you can reheat?


    My husband and I are starting WW next week. I think I have a handle on making all of our meals and sending lunch to work with him. The only problem is breakfast. My hubby gets up at 5am :eek: and I'm not so sure I could handle getting up then to cook for him (I mean I could, but it would be tough!! ). He usually just grabs some cereal on the way out the door.
    I'm curious if there are any recipies that could be made and then frozen or refrigerated so all he has to do is reheat them in the morning? I know muffins are an option but I think he would prefer something more.

    Thanks for all your help

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    Sometimes my hubby makes pancakes that we just heat up during the week and eat plain in the car. Or we do protein bars a lot when we are running out the door. What about some scrambled eggs that he could micro and throw in a tortilla? Or hard boiled eggs..... Hmmm, that's about all the ideas I have.

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    I make my "breakfast sandwiches" on the weekend, put them in sandwich bags and reheat them during the week. Sometimes I have an "egg mcmuffin" using 1 pt english muffins, canadian bacon, egg beaters and ff cheese for a total of 4 pts. Sometimes I have the english muffin, eggbeater and a strip of crispy bacon for 3 pts or like today, the english muffin, 2 strips of crispy bacon and ff swiss cheese for 4 pts. Breakfast burritos also reheat well. Good luck!

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    I make my hubby egg mcmuffins on Sunday so he can eat them all week, I make myself a quiche that I can cut into portions, take to work and reheat,. I have also had good luck with omelets, hot cereal, and muffins.

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    Baked oatmeal is great warmed over (you can find the recipe in the breakfast section of this board).

    Quiche is another suggestion. You can make individuals ones using muffin tins that reheat very well.

    Flavored whole grain pancakes or waffles are easy- just spread them with whatever, then roll up or fold and eat.

    And cereal is not a bad option, either- just find some low point options.

    Best of lluck next week!
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    I usually make a breakfast sandwich with a western bagel, egg beaters, a slice of canadian bacon and a piece of 2% cheddar. Another favorite of mine is egg beaters scrambled with ff feta cheese and chopped green onion (and sometimes turkey bacon bits) rolled into a flat out low carb bread. Both last me to lunch. Easy to make, roll up in foil and reheat anywhere.
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    Muffins are a great grab and go breakfast and the crockpot oatmeal is also a quick reheat item.

    Good Luck!
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