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Thread: veggie breakfast patties/links

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    sotm121097 Guest

    Default veggie breakfast patties/links

    what are the best tasting ones out there?

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    Default Re: veggie breakfast patties/links

    Morningstar brand for my money.

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    sotm121097 Guest

    Default Re: veggie breakfast patties/links

    thanks...i know i tried healthy choice low fat sausages but i dind't care for them so now i want to try a veggie link.

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    goneastray Guest

    Default Re: veggie breakfast patties/links

    I have tried Boca, Morningstar Farms, and Gardenburger breakfast patties and I like the Gardenburger best, they are the lowest in cal too only 50, good taste and texture as well

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    cgwoolf Guest

    Default Re: veggie breakfast patties/links

    I have tried all these - and have cooked them in skillet on top of stove, in the oven and in the microwave - and each time I have thrown them all out because they just tasted ghastly to DH and me. What am I doing wrong?

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    goneastray Guest

    Default Re: veggie breakfast patties/links

    Here is what I do, I throw a frozen Gardenburger pattie and a frozen Walmart scrambled egg patty on a plate and nuke for 1 1/2 mins, I toast my bread and make a breakfast sandwich out of it. I can't deal with real meat sausage, I can't imagine what is in it especially after the Mad Cow disease scare and all they said was in the stuff. Maybe that makes it easier for me to eat? I cook them all this way and I really like them. I think I could pass one off to hubby as meat on a sandwich

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    I personally like the GimmeLean veggie sausages. They come in a tube (kinda like the JimmieDean sausuage). They are really really low in points (maybe one or two per serving, if I remember correctly?) You just slice up the roll, and cook them in a nonstick pan with a little spray oil, flipping them occasionally until they are browned. You can also cut them a little thicker, and flatten them out to make a bigger patty, and then use them to make breakfast sandwiches. My husband loves those. I have fed these to my in-laws on several occasions, and they were fooled!

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    the morningstar farms and boca vegi breakfast patties are both excellent. i highly recommend both of them as i buy them every week.

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    Default Re: veggie breakfast patties/links

    I bought the Morningstar links. They were disgusting. I gave them to my dog and she spit it on the floor. Mind you now, she has an iron gut and will eat about anything. But I really like the Morningstar breakfast patties.

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    I just bought a box of the Morningstar breakfast patties, and DH and I both liked them. They really smell, look, and taste like meat sausage, although the texture is of course not exactly the same. As someone already pointed out, it's great to eat "sausage" without wondering what disgusting throw away parts and other nasty stuff is in it, not to mention worrying about the points!
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