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Thread: Skipped Fit Points - Gained Weight!!!

  1. Angry Skipped Fit Points - Gained Weight!!!

    I have been on WW for about a month now and have consistently lost 2-4 pounds per week. This past week, my youngest son came to visit and we: went kayaking for 2 hours (18 fit points earned) and the next day, we did a 2 mile power-walk (6 points earned). I rarely, if ever, use my 42 weekly 'bank' points. So I also chose not to 'eat' my earned activity points last week, and I gained just over one pound!! Is this normal? I figured I would lose more this way, but apparently not. Nothing else changed last week except for the increased activity. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I eat my activity points from now on? -It seems like a lot to me!
    Thank you for any help on this.

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    there could be a lot of reasons why your weight appears to show a gain. First of all the first several weeks on any lifestyle food change program is the honeymoon phase where you really drop pounds quickly. Now you are into the long haul where you can expect to lose but at a slower rate. The percieved gain could be nothing more than a fluctuation in water, in undigested food, extra water held due to all of the activity, muscle gain due to activity., Just keep on the program but I do recommend you try adding those points, they help you to work the program to keep it interesting and to make it a life long change. if you eat too few points and increase activity your body make slow down your metabolism or hang on to weight thinking it is going into starvation mode increasing slowly, see how it goes, good luck

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    Thanks for the advice Annie! I am certainly in it for the long haul. I will try what you recommended and let you know in a few weeks how it turns out. Thank you!

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