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    Grami Guest

    Question MasterCook 8.0 Newbie

    Well here goes...I have been reading about Mastercook for ever and seeing all the wonderful recipes posted here, so I went out and bought it...Yippie ..
    So will anyone please tell me can you add ingredients to the program so that it will be able to figure out the calories correct? If so in very plain english would you post and explain to me how to do that..? Cause you see I'm sorta dumb when it comes to doing new things..!!:rolleyes:
    Thanks so much,

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    Hi Grami, I just got my copy a few weeks ago too. It took me a little while to figure it out.
    To add a new ingredient go to Tools then choose Ingredient List.
    Click New, Type in the ingredient name and click OK.
    Fill in the boxes for serving size and the nutritional info from the labels based on the serving size. I found you have to fill at least 2 of the boxes for serving size, Is Equal to Weight or Is Equal to Volume to get it to figure the calories right.
    Then Click Save and then Click Done.
    Then you can use the ingredient in your recipe.
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    Grami Guest

    Smile Re: MasterCook 8.0 Newbie

    Thanks so much for your help.. I will give it a try.. If you can think of anything else that might help I would appreciate it.. Thanks again, Grami

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