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Thread: Stir-fry teriyaki vegetables & noodles

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    Hello all! Lately I have been making a really good dinner for myself that is low in points, high in taste, and very filling! I am new to weight watchers, and so these point values are only approximate:

    Stiry-fry teriyaki vegetables & noodles
    Start by boiling some water in a medium sized pot
    Next I chop up all different kinds of vegetables, pretty much whatever I have on hand---onion, peppers, zuchinni, spinach, carrot, mushroom, brocolli...whatever sounds good to you, in whatever amount you want, because vegetables are zero points!
    Then I heat some olive oil in a medium sized pan, I use about 2tsp. of oil.
    Toss in the veggies and cook over medium-medium low heat...add some seasoning salt, pepper and garlic to taste...but not too much!
    While that's going, grab 2oz. uncooked Ronzoni Healthy Harvest spaghetti noodles, or any other high fiber spaghetti noodles and boil them until they are done...about 10 minutes.
    Add some teriyaki sauce (just a splash) to the veggies about 2-3 minutes before they are to your liking of doneness.
    Drain the noodles and toss them into the veggie pan.
    This can be made with as little or as much food as you'd like. You could add some boneless skinless chicken breasts to this to add some protein, which I've done before and it's fabulous!
    Sometimes I have this for lunch, just a smaller portion. It's a really easy dish that you can make just for yourself, or the whole family!
    Per serving:
    Noodles: 2pts. (My noodles are 6 grams of fiber!)
    Veggies: 0-1pt.
    Oil: 1-2pts.

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    ooooooh, that sounds yummy!
    I've been looking for something to do with all these veggies!
    Can I use other kinds of oils too?

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    KellyGreen Guest

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    Ummmm, I'm not sure, but I think the healthier oils are conola oil and olive oil.....maybe we need an expert opinion?? LOL

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    According to the 8 healthy guidelines you should get at least 2 tsp of one of these five liquid oils each day. (olive, canola, safflower, sunflower, or flaxseed). I wouldn't use flaxseed for this because you're not supposed to heat it. I'm sure you could use other oils for this recipe, but you wouldn't be fullfiling your quota of healthy oils.
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    Thank you! I wasn't aware of the other oils I could use in my diet.....

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