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Thread: Breakfast sandwich

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    Default Breakfast sandwich

    1 piece any kind of bread
    1 slice any kind of cheese (I use regular processed American like Kraft or Borden)
    2 slices tomato
    dried basil
    salt if you want

    Put bread with cheese and tomato on it in the toaster oven, when done sprinkle on dried basil and salt. This is so good.

    3pts (using regular bread and regular fat cheese)

    If I'm feeling really hungry I'll use the 1pt for 2 pieces of bread and use two regular slices of cheese etc. for a 5 pt breakfast
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    Default Re: Breakfast sandwich

    Just a suggestion- If you want two pieces of bread for 1 point, try the Sarah Lee Delightful bread and the 2% Kraft singles- also one point. I use those to make a breakfast sandwich myself and I love them. I will try your recipe in the morning...sound yummy.

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