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Thread: 5 Things You Must Have!

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    KellyGreen Guest

    Question 5 Things You Must Have!

    Alright listen up here!!
    I am going grocery shopping could everyone please give me their TOP 5 things I shouldn't leave the store without....I need ideas!!!

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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    1) A pack of chicken breasts
    2) Frozen vegetables (corn, peas, etc)
    3) Light english muffins
    4) Light Yogurt/Yogurt Smoothies
    5) Cans of beans (pinto, red, kidney, blacked eyed peas)
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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    Yogurt (for dairy)
    Cheese (ditto)
    Lunch meat (turkey)
    Bread (I like sandwiches)
    V8 Juice (the low sodium kind)

    Obviously everything should be low fat/fat free/lean/lite.
    Of course that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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    KittyValentine Guest

    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    1.) Light Yoplait Yogurt
    2.) Diet Cherry Pepsi
    3.) Green beans
    4.) Smart One frozen meal: Chicken Enchilladas Suiza
    5.) Chocolate flavored Malt-O-Meal

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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    1. Light wheat bread (1 point 2 slices)
    2. Chicken Breasts
    3. Light popcorn
    4. frozen vegetables
    5. Fruit
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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    1. WW ice cream
    2. Fruit Harvest Cereal 2 pts
    3. Natures Own Lite White bread
    4. Splenda
    5. Spray Butter

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    AngelKissezz Guest

    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    My list would look like this:

    1. Light English Muffins
    2. Light n' Fit Yogurt w/Fiber
    3. 2% Cheddar Cheese Sticks
    4. Peanut Butter Cookie 100 Calorie Packs (these are actually very good)
    5. Chicken Breast

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    Painthorse Guest

    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    1. FF Vanilla yogurt
    2 Lite english muffins
    3. Boca flame grilled burgers
    4. Slim a bear fudge bars
    5. Ingredients for Taco Soup

    These are purchased every trip to the grocery store

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    1) Milk and Vanilla Soymilk
    2) Fruits and Veggies
    3) Plain and Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt
    4) Whole Grains: Bulgar/Couscous/Polenta/Oats
    5) High Quality Chocolate: Green and Black's Milk Chocolate, Valrhona Le Lacte, or in a pinch, Coconut Rittersport

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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    1. Rosie organic whole chicken
    2. Organic fresh produce
    3. Organic Valley milk
    4. Stonyfield Farms 6 oz whole-milk yogurt cups
    5. Dagoba chocolate: mint, mon cherri or brasilia
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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    1.) 94% FF popcorn, mini bags
    2.) fresh fruit
    3.) PUFFINS!!
    4.) Skinny Cow Sf mint ice cream sandwiches
    5.) light string cheese

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    KellyGreen Guest

    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have! guys are the best!! Alot of these things are absolute staples in my everyday eating....but some of these things I would have never thought about. This is really going to help me stay OP.

    Here's my list:

    1. Whole wheat spagetti noodles
    2. Turkey peperoni
    3. Green beans
    4. Balsamic Vinigrette
    5. Veggie soups

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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    Healthy Pop Popcorn

    WW bagels

    WW Giant Fudge bars

    Suger free jello

    Kashis cereal
    pudgie lifeti me

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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    These are five things I buy EVERY trip to the grocery store:



    FF Milk

    Frozen Veggies

    WW, LC or HC entrees (whatever's on sale)

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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    Wow, this is a great forum!

    1. kashi: go lean crunch and good friends;
    2. frozen chicken breasts;
    3. shaved cajun turkey breast;
    4. Brownberry Health Nut bread;
    5. Morningstar Farms black bean burgers.

    Hope this helps! (I know it made me think, after looking at all yours!)
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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    1.choc.f/f pudding
    2. w/w frozen meals
    3. light enlish muffins
    4.frozen veggies
    5.0/red 100cal. pack single serving=1.5 pounts in the whole bag
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    DoriKaters Guest

    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    Makings for Taco Soup!

    WW meals

    Romaine Lettuce mix

    Oatmeal packets

    LIte popcorn

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    mom2tsm Guest

    Talking Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    Here are my favs (I'm vegetarian). Great ideas here...thanks everyone!

    1. WW puffed cereal (1 pt)
    2. Morningstar Farms Veggie Burgers (1pt)
    3. Walnut Acres bean soups (1pt-1/2 can)
    4. broccoli or cauliflower
    5. La Tortilla tortillas (1pt for white...looking for the wheat!)

    I'm going to have to look for that Taco Soup recipe! So many of you had it on your top 5.

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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    5.) Frozen veggies

    4.) Spray butter

    3.) Crustless bread!!!

    2.) Lean Cuisine Spinache and Mushroom Pizza

    1.) Coke zero

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    chocomomma Guest

    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    Everytime I usually buy:

    Skim Milk
    WW Fudge Bars
    Fat free strawberry/banana yogurt
    Bananas and apples
    100 pt cookies (pecan sandies or chocolate chip)

    I might also add:
    green beans
    lite bread
    fat free shredded cheese
    salad stuff

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    Great idea for a post! My list:

    1. SF FF yogurt (flavored and plain) 2 pts/ cup
    2. Fresh fruit
    3. Frozen Brussels Sprouts (Ok, I know this is a weird one!) or other frozen veg
    4. Trader Joe's Lo-Fat blueberry bran muffins (1 pt) OR 1 pt english muffins
    5. Baby Carrots

    6. Diet Caffeine Free coke (if there's none left)
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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    Great idea!

    1~ Low sodium Chkn broth (in the box)
    2~ Turkey Pepperoni
    3~ Eggs or substitute
    4~ Veggies (frozen and fresh)
    5~ SF fudge pops
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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    ingredients for orange fluffe (2p yummy filling stuff)
    sarah lee bread 2 for 1 p
    chicken breasts
    hebrew national lf hotdogs
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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    My list would be

    1. frozen chicken breasts
    2. baby carrots
    3. pre washed salad greens
    4. low fat yogurt
    5. All bran bars
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    Default Re: 5 Things You Must Have!

    Here's a few of my fave's to add:

    1. Veggie burgers-I experiment with different kinds
    2. Light whole wheat bread/buns
    3. Orville Redenbacher Caramel Popcorn Cakes
    4. Alexia frozen french fries
    5. Fat free American cheese slices
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