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    I recently acquired the new MasterCook program. I previously have used the MasterCook 6.0 version, but haven't used it in several years. My question is this, other than manually entering the points value next to the title of the recipe, is there a way of programming the points value into the recipe and having it print out on the recipe. I followed mahjong's suggestion of creating a "Rating", and could successfully incorporate it into the recipe, but never could get it to print on the actual recipe card.

    I am just beginning my cookbook and did follow suggestions to create my own catergories first. I have only one recipe listed so far, but want to have everything right before I continue. Any good ideas????

    Thank you, Lajenga

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    I put the Points value in the notes area, the same area where you might note serving suggestions and the like. This comes out in the printed version.

    There's no set way to do it. Experiment and see what you like!

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    Thanks! You'd think by now that MasterCook would incorporate it somehow unless it's a trademark problem with Weight Watchers.

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    I second Nancy's suggestion! I find it works the best way, and I've created predefined searches for the cookbooks that allow me to find the recipes that are 8 points, for example.

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    I enter my POINTS in the description 5 POINTS or whatever the value is. Makes a search easy AND is right there when looking down the list of titles. :bcbsalute

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