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Thread: Raisin Bran Cereal Bar - 2.4 Points

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    Thumbs up Raisin Bran Cereal Bar - 2.4 Points

    Pretty Yummy!
    Cal 140; Fat 2.5; Fiber 3 = 2.4 points

    I think i like these better than the luna bars ... it has bran flakes, wheat flakes, oat bran nuggets, crisped rice, grape nuts, as well as raisins. I got the cinnamon flavor, but they also have them with cranberry in them. 2 Grams of protein

    It's going very nicely with my morning coffee! Moist and chewy!

    These will be on my shopping list again, and I'll probably try the cranberry variety too. If i recall correctly, the cranberry nutritional info was slightly different in re: fat and fiber.
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    I tried these when they were still in the testing stage, my SIL gets alot of that stuff, and they were horrid, they literally tasted like cardboard! So when I see the boxes of them I darn near cringe. Maybe I'll have to force myself to try them.
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