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    Question indian food

    hi all,

    went to a dinner party last nite and the hostess served indian take-out from a local restaurant. i had 1/2 a masala dosa (with peas and potatoes), 1/2 cup of basmati rice with curry vegetables and 2 veggie samosas (which happen to be my weakness), among other things.

    i can't seem to find info on the masala dosa and the samosas. from looking around at recipes online i'm guessing they're about 7 points a piece (i blew most of my flex points for the week already, and that was day 1! ) can someone please verify this for me?



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    I found some links with a simple google search

    Aloo Samosa savory pastry w. potato filling at

    This site lists some calories for several foods including samosas and masala dosa. You might want to add a point for the extra fat since you don't know what the actual fat content is but these foods tend to be made with oil or ghee.
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    oops, i should have looked there.
    sorry, but thanks.


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