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    Hi there!

    Well, I'm on my second round of WW. I lost 25 lbs the first time and then had two children. I'm back to my starting point. Ready, set, WW!!!!

    Does anyone have the instructions for the blue points calculator? A friend gave it to me and I don't have instructions to go with it. (she never used it)

    Thanks for you help.

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    You look at the # of grams of fiber in the food. Line up the number of calories per serving next to the number of grams of fiber. Then look in the other window at the number of fat grams in the food. Wherever the fat grams number falls on the slide, that is the number of points in what you are eating.

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    If your talking about the actual calculator, You push compute food, and then it prompts you what to do next. To keep your pts on it push New DAy and then you can change your pts. I have to say its quite addicting I own 3 of the old calculators and 1 on the new one. I love mine. The new ones computes activity pts also.
    I hope this helped a little.
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    I love mine it makes it so easy to keep track of AP's earned and food intake and left over points for the day. Never leave home without it.

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    I hope I'm not too far off topic here, but I've seen those at the meetings and I've been curious about them. I couldn't find any info about them on the WW site. What do they do? Can you keep your journal on them? If so, do you have to subscribe to WW e-tools to use it?

    I've been thinking that a Palm Pilot with the WWcalc program would be a nice alternative to journaling in the Quik Track pamplets. Do these blue WW things do the same thing? How much are they?

    Of course that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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    I bought a calculator about a month ago and I really like it. You can't journal your food, but you can keep track of points for the day, water intake, and activity points. When you first get it, you enter your current weight and goal weight. It will give you your daily points (same as other sources for points) and then subtracts points as you use them. You also update weight weekly and it graphs it. My favorite part of the calc. is computing food points. I take it with me everywhere, and after you compute, you can choose whether or not to "use" them for that day, it's really easy. I bought mine on Ebay for $12.99 with free shipping. Just my $.02....

    Sorry, forgot...there's no other software that goes with it. It's the whole shebang.
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    Thanks Julie.

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