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    I went to a county fair last night with my friends and I saved up some points but eating a light lunch and dinner. I also still have all 35 flexies for this week. I shared a plate of fried dough with my friends, and probably ended up eating between 1/3 and 1/2 of it. It was about the size of a paper plate and covered in powdered sugar. How much do you think I should count it for? I would rather overestimate than go over points, but I was just curious what a general estimate would be. Thanks!

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    would this link help? the Nutrional info is to the right of the page

    Darn I didnt' actually read the info, everything says 0 so that isn't right, BRB


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    Funnel Cake, 1 piece, 6" (280 cal/15 g fat/29 g carbs) 7

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    Is that a whole 6 inch round funnel cake for 7 points?

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