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    I purchased mixes for some of the most incredible muffins and breads from Southaven Farms, The mixes are sugar free and the ingredients are very healthy. You have the option of adding regular sugar if you choose or sugar like Splenda. You add fat free milk and yogurt. The muffins/breads, etc. come out so incredibly moist. The mixes make large muffins with low points. You can also make them into muffin tops or even breads. I make them into mini-muffins so if I only want a little treat, I don't have to eat a whole one or eat half and worry about the other half getting dry. I also eat a lot of salads and they have a rosemary/onion mix that I love to have a couple of mini-muffins with it. I even take them to restaurants so I can still have bread, but I can have what I chose to have without having to worry. Anyway, I highly highly recommend these mixes. It is great to find something not only extremely healthy but sooooooooooooooo delicious. You will find though it may be tough not to eat them all at once (haha).

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    Thanks! I have never heard of this company and I want to try the chocolate!


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    I love muffins! How fun. I am going to try some of these mixes, I looked at some of the recipes on the site, and YUMMMY! the black forest chocolate very fruity muffins sound SOOOO good. Thanks for sharing the information!

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    Did you order them online? I noticed their security certificate was not valid. I am paranoid enough about identity theft to make me question giving them my credit card information.
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    I've purchased from them online a number of times with no problem. I haven't tried the new baking mixes yet as I still have some of the splenda-sweetened mixes. They were all very good. I'm looking forward to trying out the new ones.
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    I purchase them online and have had no security problems. They are shipped out really fast also. I like the fact that you can make one mix so many different ways. Muffins, buns, pancakes, bread, etc. Plus they really are very moist and delicious. I also like that the fact that you can interchange the flavors in so many different ways (i.e.) you can add cut up fresh fruit like cherries, blueberries, etc. and use the same flavored yogurt instead of plain to enhance the flavor. I love peach so I can't wait to make them for example using the oat bran mix with peach yogurt and a can of peaches or fresh, cut up and added to the mix. Enjoy.

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    LAMom, I've ordered these mixes for well over a year and have never had a problem. I know they've been working on updating their site so maybe that's why the certificate showed as "invalid". I ordered more mixes today and the certificate was a-okay! Just made those "Burstin with Fruit Chocolate" muffins this a.m. and they were outrageously yummmmmmmmmmy!!

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