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    Hi everyone,
    I pulled out two of my old firm tapes this week (the ones in the mansion). About an hour ago, I was doing one of them that requires you to use heavy weights while moving fairly quickly - very 80's style exercises.

    I kept thinking, "This HAS to be bad for you." It was like I brought on my own pain, because at that moment I felt a shooting pain through my back and I haven't been able to move comfotably since. And my knees are killing me too from the fast lunges front and back with heavy weights.

    How did I do these back in the day? They seem much harder than the new Firms because my heart rate goes up very quickly, but I wonder if they are really safe. Thoughts?

    I think I'll put them away again. And I would love a few suggestions for great cardio tapes with the original firm box. THANKS!!!!

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    The original firms do move too fast and have too much bouncy stuff in them. Have you ever tried cathe friedrich? You can check her out at Love her step tapes. She does have some stuff with tall box work too. But her step uses a club type step.

    A great source for video and descriptions is also has good non biased reviews.

    The thought of doing firm volume 1 and 2 makes me cringe now. But I still like the time crunch workout (volume 4).

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    I think some of the old ones are good. I like the Maximum Body Shaping with Tracie Long, but it has no cardio. I don't care for most of them. I feel that there are better, safer alternatives.
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