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Thread: WW Snack Cakes

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    Question WW Snack Cakes

    I'm here in California by Disneyland and I can not find WW Snack Cakes anywhere. I was at my WW meeting this morning (oh I lost 1 pounds too!!!) I asked where I could purchase these cakes an none of them know where we could get them. You think they would at least know. I wanted to see if anyone has tried them and is it worth me purchase them on ebay? What is the price of them at the stores?

    Please let me know. I'm going crazy tring to find them.


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    i can find the ww cakes in the super walmart near my son's house. i have had both the carrot cakes and the chocolate ones. they are both very good. the chocolate one with a 1/2 cup of milk is a great little 2 point snack. yummy! keep looking they are worth it. they are very small....but very good. i think i pay about $2.89 a box. i have about 8 boxes of them. i have them all tucked away safely in the freezer in the basement so i don't think of them very often. i have a feeling they could be a real problem for me if i am not careful. with them downstairs in the freezer they are out of sight...out of mind.

    i hope you find them soon.


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    I can get them here at a store called dierbergs and at my walmart. If you want some I would be more than happy to send you some. They are delicious. Just charge you the cost plus the shipping.they are 2.79 a box here.

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    WalMart. I bought the chocolate but haven't tried them yet. They are tiny but I wanted a "one point" something with my coffee at break time.
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    I live in Indiana, and Walmart stores are the only ones I have found WW snack cakes in.

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    Congrats Momyof2 on your weight loss. I get mine at a Super Walmart too. That is a good idea to freeze them. I tried the chocolate and the carrot cake and both were good. Just a couple of bites, but it helped quiet my sweet tooth. Hope you can find some soon.
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    I live just north of you in Whittier. The closest place to you and me is the Walmart Supercenter in Hemet. You can call the Bakery department (951-766-1164) and they will hold boxes for you. The Chocolate and Carrot cake are very good ($2.89 a box). Six of us, from our WW meeting, are going down there in a couple of weeks to buy a case each. There is an Applebee's in Hemet and we are going to make a day of it. Other great finds at the Walmart Supercenter are: Jolly Time Healthy Popcorn -6 in a box for $2.00. Philly Light Cream Cheese for $1.67 and Kraft Pepper Jack 2% Cheese. So it might be worth your while to go there and stock up on more than the Cakes.
    Hope this helps.
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    WW magazine for July stated that new flavors are on the way. I've only had the chocolate but I really liked those. A 1 point dessert after lunch...
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    I've had the chocolate and I also froze them -very yummy and makes them last longer too! I also have only been able to find them at Walmart for about $2.89 a box, but well worth it !

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    Here in AZ super walmart is the only place to find them. They also sell ww blueberry muffin 3 points each very good. Careful to buy on ebay might be outdated merchandise or stale. I don't trust edibles on ebay but buy everything else imaginable. Great losing your pound, I did .6 this week but didn't work out was sick, I am proud that I didn't gain.

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    I live in West covina and just last week I found them at Vons on the end of one of the aisles. Ask the manager of your local vons maybe they know when they are coming in. They are ok. I love the chocolate ones but the carrot cake is not that great and the icing is hard and the cake itself is small.

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    I am starting to find the cakes and muffins at several Vons. I think they have finally jumped on the Bandwagon. I like both cakes. The carrot cake is best when you put in the microwave for about 10 seconds. That helps to soften the frosting, but I really like the taste of it. I know they are small, but for 1 point they are a good treat at the end of a day with a cup of decaf. I really like the muffins too, but most of the time I don't have 3 points to spare, so I stick with making the Southhaven Farm muffins, which are only 1 - 2 point a muffin, of course they are not as large as the WW muffins, but I guess I am getting used to seeing small things (LOL).

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    Yummmm... didn't think of nuking them! I've found both the carrot cake and the chocolate cake. They are good. Just that little taste of something sweet ... I brought one to work with me and had it for lunch.

    I found mine at Wegman's ... but that's more PA, NY based, I think.
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    My local supermarket had them 2 weeks in a row and now they don't have them! So either they're really popular or I don't shop early enough! I'm going to try Wal Mart, maybe tonight?

    Anyway, here's an off topic question. Do you visit Disneyland often? Is the Haunted Mansion all decked out with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme yet? I was in DL in April 2001 and LOVED it! DH and I go to WDW in Florida almost 2 times a year! (I'm a huge Disney fan!) I wish I could live closer...

    Anyway, good luck on your quest to find the cakes!
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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes

    WHy don't you call or personally speak to a manager the next time you're in your favorite grocery store about stocking them? I have found the manager at my local Kroger store to be very accomodating about ordering and stocking some of my lowfat faves they previously did not have.


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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes

    Can anyone give me the nutritional information on the chocolate snack cakes? I am trying to input them in fitday but DH threw out the box before I got a chance to!



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    My best friends dh is a grocery mang for kroger and he said normally if they don't carry something you can ask them to start. i have had them special order my 1pnt tortillias. so maybe you should ask the manager... that goes for being out of stock too they can order exter and put them back for you...

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    I live in New Hampshire and I bought them at Market Basket.

    BTW............for a two point treat, have a cake with a Kozy Shack Pudding. Tapioca is soooo good!!!! Fills you up for 2 points!! I even put a small blob of FF cool whip to make it that much better!

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