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    I am a college student and mornings are not my thing. I normally eat breakfast in the car on my way to school or once I get there. This means I need a quick (maybe fix the night before) pack and go breakfast that is low in points and tastes good. Anyone have any suggstions??

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    I like toasted english muffins with laughing cow cheese. Sometimes I add canadian bacon and sliced tomato for an even heartier breakfast.

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    I like Sara Lee's whole wheat bagels (2 pts) and p-butter (2) or ff cheese (1) and a piece of fruit.

    Yogurt and banana--to eat there not while driving--though I have seen this and worse!!

    Have a sandwich for breakfast!!
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    Here are a couple breakfasts that I rely on (I'm a college student too...and I sooo feel you on the morning thing) --

    Onion (they make others) Alternative bagel - I can only find them at Publix, hopefully you have a publix near you.

    WW blueberry muffins - I treat myself to one of these once or twice a week...soo good.

    Toast (1 pt. for two slices) with a little cream cheese and sliced strawberries on top.

    Oatmeal (when I have 10 mins. to sit and eat it)

    A bowl of fresh fruit.

    Cottage Cheese Doubles by Breakstone

    Yogurt with a little kashi go lean cereal in it.

    Hope this helps!!!

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