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Thread: New Features in MC8

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    Hi! This is a post for everyone who has the older versions, and wants to know what the changes are in the new version. Here it's in one place and everyone can find it.

    These are the "upgrades" that I know about:

    1) a terrific "internet import" feature that allows you to import recipes directly into MC, including pictures, instead of having to either save them as a .txt file or copy them into import assistant. A huge bonus is that it automatically saves the http address under "internet address" in "other sources". No more "Where the heck did I find that recipe??"!!

    2) You can now use saved predefined searchs to filter your recipes in the cookbook instead of going to the search page. This is a huge help if you're looking for all chicken breast recipes in one cookbook but haven't catagorized your recipes.

    That's all I can think of for now, except that they fixed the program bug from MC7 that will not allow you to delete ingredients from the ingredient list.

    If you have any more info, please post it!

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    The only thing that I think should be mentioned is that this internet import bar (which is my favorite thing that MC has ever done!) only interfaces with Internet Explorer so if you use another browser, you need to activate IE before you will see the MC import bar on your internet toolbar.
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