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Thread: peach porridge 4.5 pts

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    Here's my favourite breakfast:

    50g dry rolled oats 3 pts
    137g ww peaches (canned) 0.5 pts
    200g fat free/sugar free ww yogurt 1 pt
    1 tsp splenda 0 pts

    Cook the oats with water in the microwave for 1.5 mins, then add yogurt & splenda and mix. Cut peaches into bite sized slices and put on top of porridge. Cook in microwave for another 30 seconds if desired.

    serves 1, pts per serve (on australian points program), 4.5


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    This sounds very good. I usually make old fashioned oatmeal and add 1/2 cup of peach sauce I buy at Trader Joes. A hot gooey peach cobbler to be sure.

    I will try your version this week!


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    This sounds very good. Does anyone have an idea of how many points on the American program?

    Thanks for sharing it!!

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