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Thread: Having Issues with Too Many Pts.

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    UtahSeabeeAngel Guest

    Default Having Issues with Too Many Pts.

    Okay here goes first post of mine but i've been lurking around for about a week... I started WW 1 1/2 weeks ago...first weigh in went bad due to TOM starting the day before...I'm famous for gaining 10 lbs overnight! It's been that way for 10 years....So I actually didn't feel that bad when I had only gained 2.8 lbs! And I didn't have to pull out the "once a month jeans" my pants were even loose still! BUT I have of course now my problem is TOO MANY POINTS NOT ENOUGH FOOD!!!

    I have a thyroid problem and I forget to take my meds which makes it worse... I have never eaten A LOT of food just a little bit of bad food! And of course 2 starbucks a day didn't help along with a 4 bottle pepsi habit I had...So now that I started this I gave up coffee and soda completely (Haven't had an ounce for 2 weeks now!) I drink about 120 oz of water a day....But I have a VERY hard time eating all my points a day....28 of them...I weigh 230.6 due to my gain last week.So I sit and think I'm either dumb and can't figure out the points or I'm eating TOO healthy...can that be true?

    Tonight I'm sitting here at 10:30 and thinking...I still have 7 points left! NOT counting the 6 AP I earned as what do I do now? Run to Baskin Robbins?!?!It's frustrating for me though....does anyone else have this problem?

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!


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    Default Re: Having Issues with Too Many Pts.

    I had this issue at first too.

    If you like peanut butter, it is a quick way to add points. When starting WW I would add 1 to 2 Tbsp of peanut butter to a banana for dessert (sometimes with a bit of cookwhip to make it like a banana split). This quickly helped me reach my target points without making me feel stuffed. As I have since found ways to incorporate more points into the day (not to mention I had to decrease my points) I don't have this issue as often.

    Other ideas are...
    * include yougurt as an afternoon snack (it is 2 points & counts as a dairy)
    * add some olive oil to dinner preparation or sprinkle on salad
    * starting tomorrow - increase breakfast or lunch be a point or 2 & see how that helps
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Having Issues with Too Many Pts.

    You NEED to eat all of your target. Peachie has some good ideas how to get the points in. Eat more dairy, more protein, more good fats found in olive oil and nuts. :bcbsalute
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    Whatever you do, don't use up the leftover points on junk - you're not learning anything that way. The point of WW is to learn portion control and how to eat healthy. Upping your breakfast and lunch a couple of points each is a great idea. If you're eating lots of non-fat stuff, switch to lowfat, or in some instances regular fat. Make sure you're getting in your 5 fruits and veggies, 2 milks, and healthy oils - very important! You can still have your Starbucks, just limit yourself to no more than once a day. Have them make your drink with non-fat milk to keep the points down and you're getting your milk in for the day - and skip the whipped cream. I too have a thyroid problem so what I do to make sure I get my pill in every day is keep the bottle, along with a glass of water, on my bedside table and the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is swallow that lil sucker.

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    Everyone has given you great advice.

    I want to stress how important it is that you take your thyroid pills every day. If you ever require a dosage increase or decrease there would be no good way to determine this unless there was a steady, reliable dose in your body at all times. I suggest you pick an activity that you do every day. Brushing your teeth, for example. You could also pick putting on undies, reading, or fixing breakfast. Put the pills in a location that interferes with the activity. If you chose brushing your teeth, put it beside your toothbrush. Right now my daily meds are right beside my multivitamin, because I am in the habit of taking that everyday. Your thyroid is extremely important to your metabolism and you want to keep it functioning properly!!
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    You have been given some great advice. Definitely make sure you are getting a little oil or fat into your diet, a little is essential for good health. Also, if you are having trouble eating all your points, why not spurge on a few items. No, I don't mean Baskin Robbins, although maybe once a week go for a sugar free small in a cup or something. I mean splurge with low fat if you use fat free cheese, low fat instead of fat free sour cream, etc. You may not have to consume much more food, but you gain a few calories and a little flavor by switching to reduced fat instead of low fat. I had trouble in the beginning too, I couldn't believe how much food I had to eat, compared to what I was used to!

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    UtahSeabeeAngel Guest

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    Thank you all for your advice! I do use flax seed oil and lemon juice on my salads so i'm getting the "good oil" in but I will continue to stay away from the makes me go crazy and not want to eat anyway! I am definately taking my pills...three weeks and not even missed a one! I would have to hurt someone if I went thru all the trouble of measuring everything and eating right and not lose anything just because my metabolism is running like a turtle! But i'm down 5.9 pounds since I started 3 weeks ago so i'm on my way now! I've been traveling a bit so it's mother prefers to eat out than cook! I've been yelling at her she is spoiling my points when I stay at her house. But when it's the end of the night I normally have a piece of whole grain bread and some Apple Butter...or peanut butter if I'm not even close to my point total for the day! That usually does the trick. Thanks everyone!


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    Default Re: Having Issues with Too Many Pts.

    I am hypothyroid and you must take you medication every day - preferably as soon as you get up with a full glass of water then weight 1 hour before eating anything. Do not have calcium or citrus for breakfast or for 3 hours after taking your medication as it interfers with absorption. You can cause yourself some pretty serious health problems if you don't take care of this.
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