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Thread: Diet Iced Tea or Diet Soda ??

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    Cyndilouwho12 Guest

    Default Diet Iced Tea or Diet Soda ??

    I know that the both of them are zero points, but does anyone know which one is better in the end for you ?? My husband is giving up coffee in a week and the only real vice I still have is soda so I told him I would give that up. I enjoy Diet Iced Tea but can't seem to get a real grip on the nutritional value.
    Thanks as always

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    Hmm, never thought of one being better or worse for you. Caffiene might be an issue at some point but I dont know if there is any other health issues that would make one better than the other. I have weak unsweetened tea and C2 but also make sure that water is the main source of fluid each and everyday.

    That probably doesnt help much.

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    I think the tea is better as long is decaf because the diet soda has artificial sweetners that even diabetics have to be careful of. Tea is good on the kidneys.

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    alicee Guest

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    I would think diet tea is better, especially if you are drinking some sort of all natural one, or even a regular one unsweetened.

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    I agree that iced tea is better (especially if made from herbal or green tea). Also, soda has more sodium in it that you should watch out for.

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    Default Re: Diet Iced Tea or Diet Soda ??

    Diet soda has more chemicals in it, but diet iced tea stains your teeth. , well I think because I drink so much of it.

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    Diet soda can cause kidney stones - calcium carbonate. I had one and the dr. analyzed it that that what it was from. So now I drink water or tea. Green tea is especially helpful in losing weight and has a lot of healthy antioxidants. Crystal Light has a good one.
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    Talking Re: Diet Iced Tea or Diet Soda ??

    thanks for this post. Two years ago I had a year long battle with kidney stones so reading this has made me think twice on soda. I love teas of all sorts so for me the switch wont be hard. Thanks again for this post.
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    Default Re: Diet Iced Tea or Diet Soda ??

    Excessive diet or regular soda consumption is also bad for your bones. It seems that carbonation can weaken bones too. Also some of the sodas are bad for your tooth enamel. I believe Gingerale (which I love) is one of the worst because it is so acidic.
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    I guess it depends what your particular health issues are. Tea inhibits iron absorption so if you have iron deficiency anemia (common in pregnant and women of child bearing age) that may not be the best drink for you.

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    ooo I never knew that. I know am anemic and the doc knows I have been drinking tea for years and has never said a thing.

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