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My Best Friend

I wanted to introduce you to my best friend. In the beginning when we began Weight Watchers, she promised to see it through to the end. She is the kind of person that always keeps her word, and I knew I could rely on her to be there for me. When I needed support she was there. Learning the proper portion size was an interesting concept. Together we weighed, measured and tried to get a grip on what was real versus what we thought a serving should be. Together we tried new foods, recipes and some truly awful concoctions and we laughed at some of our attempts. Her sense of humor helped me through. She never doubted my commitment of reaching the goal I set for myself. Together we learned how to exorcize and make it fun, even If we thought we looked totally stupid in the process. Together we took walks to build our strength and go for longer periods of time. It was a real celebration for us when I was able to go another mile further than last month, and my inhaler stayed in my pocket. Today 4 miles is a breeze. There were other people that came and went during the process. They weren’t ready to dedicate the time to themselves for personal reasons that I truly respect, and each one of them truly made an impact on my weight loss journey. It still came down to just my best friend and I. Someone that regardless of the weather or the time of day, was always ready when I was. When I didn’t want to work out..she cheered me on. When I was at a plateau, she kept the faith. When I wanted ice cream, she helped me figure an alternative that was healthy and still gave me what I wanted. I could never have succeeded without her. She never judged me, talked down to me or criticized me. She would never tolerate someone else doing so either. She is my greatest champion.. She is me.
I wanted to use the best friend analogy because one of the single most damaging things I hear from people is Negative-Self Talk. Would you tolerate anyone else talking to you the way you might talk to yourself? How long would you keep a friend who was always looking for ways to put you down, criticize you, sabotage your weight loss efforts at every opportunity, tell you you’re disgusting, fat and weak. How long before you’d be worn down by the criticism and want to be around your “friend” less and less. Be your own best friend, and treat yourself with the respect you would give to others. You have others along the way who love and cherish you, but ultimately the most constant and influential person in your life is you. Treat yourself with respect and love.

I am speaking at my lifetime awards meeting this coming saturday April 9, 2005, and this is my planned "speach". I am including copies of Climb the Mountain, and Trial by fire. I hope I can speak eloquently enough to get my thoughts out there.