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    Has anyone found a substitute for the WW shake mix they sell at the meetings? I am looking for one but feel that the WW ones are way too expensive.


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    I love Alba Shakes . If you can find them they are much cheaper than WW.

    Here's a thread from the recipe boards for Homemade Alba

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    I make protein shakes. I know that sounds counterproductive but it isn't. I use whey protein powder that has only 70 calories and half a gram of fat. I mix it with 1 1/2 cups ice and DaVinci SF syrup of choice and I have a very thick protein shake for only two points that leaves me soooo full. It is delicious and has 16 grams of protein for those days when I don't want to eat a lot of heavy foods. I am thinking they will be great this summer.

    It is a bit pricey when you purchase it but you get 17 servings per container and the canister costs anywhere from 10.00 to 15.00 in health food stores so I get them when they have a 'buy one get one free sale' and for 10.00 I get 34 shakes at about 50 cents each.

    I use a Magic Bullet to make the shakes because it really crushes the ice well. I think that is the secret.
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    Thanks, CG! So it is a good way to get in more protein for low points. That will be good for days when I am on the go and busy. Thanks again.

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    I make shakes out of ffsf pudding, skim milk, and DiVinci syrups. I put 8 oz of skim milk, a couple of ice cubes, 1/2 TB dry ffsf pudding, and 1/2 TB (or to taste) of syrup in a blender and mix until the ice cubes are gone. If you let it sit a minute or so, it thickens a little. You can use any kind of pudding or syrup. I really like french vanilla and vanilla pudding and choc. fudge pudding with Kahlua syrup. I usually have mine in the evening while I'm making the kids' lunches. Helps to keep me from picking.

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