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    hello all !
    I was haveing this disscion yester day a box of angel food cake made with mix and egg whites was like 130 cal or close to it so it was around 3 points per serving which said it was about 12 slices when we cut them up there was like 16 or 17 so does that make it 2 points per slice ?

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    I would count it as 2 points per slice. I bought one at the grocery store but it was in the shape of a bar. I figured each slice would be 3 points as well but I cut the slices smaller and actually got almost twice as much so I counted each as 2 points.
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    Have you tried making the angel food/pineapple cake? Just take a box of one step angel food mix, stir in a 15 oz. can of crushed pineapple (in it's own juice), stir well and bake in a large rectangular cake pan. I cut it into 12 pieces. To get the point value, just divide the nutritional info for the cake mix only by 12. It usually comes to 3 or 4 points. I usually add a dollop of ff cool whip on top. Makes a nice dessert.
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    Ginaki... I make that all the time. Very easy, super cheap too.

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