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    Does anyone know where I can find free landscape design? I have a new house with a fairly small yard (my first) and I want to plant in such a way that I have little grass and a lot of flowers and paths. But I a clueless about how to start. I don't have a lot of money to pay a designer but I would love to have a planting plan that I could work from. Any ideas?

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    Try the good 'ole public library - there are tons of books on landscaping design, for sunny areas, shady areas, low-maintenance (flowers that come up every year), higher-maintenance (flowers you have to plant every year), etc.

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    I recommend the public library too, but also check out to see if your city or community has a horticulture society or something similar. My city has a very active hort society - they run workshops on garden design, specific types of plants, pretty well everything you could want. The cost is relatively inexpensive. Another idea is to look at the gardening magazines, ask gardening friends for their input, etc. We had a landscaper come out to our home (garden was about 30 years old when we bought the house - calling it a garden makes it seem nice, it really wasn't nice......). She would do everything from drawing up the plans to doing the complete work. A large nursery in my area also has a service where a landscaper will draw up the plans for free if you buy a certain amount of your material from them. There are lots of options, depending on where you live. And don't forget the internet, there are some really excellent web sites on gardening. If you're interested, I could send you the links to some I've found that are particularly good. I'm absolutely hooked on gardening - I work full time, it's my passion in the summer - my way of getting away from my job. Good luck and enjoy the process of creating a beautiful garden! Sheila

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    Or let your fingers do the walking through the Google pages:

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    Check to see if any of your local colleges have landscape architecture classes. Sometimes they will do a project twice a year using a local property.

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    First thing that comes to mind is gardening magazines. There's a lot out there and all of them have good ideas. You have already made the first major step in the right direction. You have already visualized what you want your garden to look like.

    I've done a lot of landscape design myself so here's my bit of advise. Get yourself a 100' tape, some 1/4" graph paper and a note book. Go outside and start measuring your property and position you house on the graph paper according to those measurements. Remember 1 foot equals 1/4". From that point you are ready to draw in any existing elements outside you will be retaining. It's also a good idea to note where north, south, east and west are in relation to your property. The next thing you will do is overlay this master plan with drafting velum or tracing paper and begin to play with your ideas. Follow your feelings..........what "feels" good and what "feels" uncomfortable. There are no rights or wrongs in this exercise. If something doesn't work out, throw away the tracing and do another one until you have what you like. NOTE: Make several copies of your master plan so you won't have to start again if you get carried away and draw on that one. I know, I've done it many times and it's a real time waster.

    Ask yourself some questions and note them in your notebook. Do I want a patio? Where will the BQ be most convenient? Do I want shade? What kind of plants appeal to me? (This is where your magazines will be of great help) Do I want to have more privacy? Is there something not on my property I don't like looking at? How much gardening do I realisticlly think I can manage? If you have children or pets; how will they fit into the plan? Is there a place for them? Cut out pictures of garden elements and plantings that you like; past them into your notebook. Take your time because this will be around for a long time and you don't want to be redoing it later because you overlooked the fact that that beautiful rose bush to planted needs sun not shade or the winding path to your "secret Zen garden" ended up on the other side of the fence to a busy road or the neighbours compost heap.

    Once you have your plan on paper, take it to a good nursery and ask them to help you with chosing the right plants. Each plant has a very informative tag telling you what conditions it likes and will grow well in. Also, it will give you spacing information so you don't overplant to start with. One other piece of advise, buy yourself a best gardening book for your area you can get your hands on..............the nursery will have one they prefer so buy that one since they have already done the field work and know which book is the most useful. Be careful though, you might end up with a library full of gardening books like I did. LOL

    Good luck as you create your own piece of Heaven right here on earth.

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    Hi.. I know this is an old thread, but... I just read it so its new to me LOL! I just was gonna say has anyone ever tried the landscape design software? I have one called Sierra Photo Gardner Design. I got it at Walmart for $10! It is sooo much fun to play with. I used this to design my front yard and around my pool. We have used it for my friends yards and my Moms. You can use a picture of your own yard/house and it has tons of plants, furniture, yard art, etc to choose from to place in your picture. It looks very real, and gives a great idea of what your design would look like. I work on it until I get it how I like then I print out the picture. Then, I head outside with my measuring tape and graph paper just like previously suggested. Just thought I would slip this in for any garderners in here dreaming of their summer flower beds. I know I am...ugh.. its only January!!

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