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    I keep reading what all you guys post and as geeky as I can be when it comes to computers and software I'm not clear as to what this program offers. Does it only allow you the opportunity to download recipes from their site (and others)? Can you also enter your recipes for nutritional calculations? How many recipes can it hold? Does it organize them into categories, or at least allow you to do so? Is it better to purchase and get a CD to install or can you purchase the download direct from their website? What did you do? Any other tips on this product as far as researching or purchasing?


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    There are over 7,000 recipes in the software if you choose to install all the cookbooks offered.

    You can add your own recipes one at a time or import a single or an entire book someone else created.

    You can make categories or organize them by the type of recipe in each book. I have separate cookbooks set up for: "Tried and True", "Recipes to Try", "CrockPot Recipes", "Core Recipes" and a few others.

    After entering a recipe, the nutrition tab gives the calories, fat, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, exchange info etc. so you can figure the points.

    You can print one recipe or an entire collection. I don't see offhand what the limit for the number of recipes are but I don't think you'll fill it anytime soon.

    I'd want a copy on a CD in case you format your hard drive for some reason. I'm still using version 6, you can get version 7 for $5.00 plus shipping, or the current version 8 for $19.99.

    Click on the thumbnails at the link above and check it out. The system requirements are on that page too.

    Here's the link for Version 7 for $5.00:
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    I would get version 8 if you can. Version 8 allows you to import recipes off the web very easily and fast. You get an icon on internet explore task bar. You click it and it divides you screen so you get a side bar that has title, recipe picture, ingredient ect boxes. All you do is highlight the section and then click that box. For example you highight the title then click on the box next to title. Then you can highlight the the ingredients then click on the box. When you are done you click on add to recipe list. Then you can do the same for more recipes. When you are done with all the recipes you then can add all your recipes at one time to MasterCook. You Click on the Save to MasterCook. It will ask you what cookbook you want to add them to.

    It is so much easier to import recipes and you can do several at one time.

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