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Thread: Faux McBagel with bacon and cheese

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    Default Faux McBagel with bacon and cheese

    I am really diggin' this one lately ---

    Alternative bagel from Western bagel (choice of flavor
    Laughing Cow light cheese wedge
    1 egg, scrambled with salt and pepper to taste
    2 slices turkey bacon, torn into three pieces

    Lightly mist a custard cup with oil and place torn bacon inside so that the bottom is covered; pieces may overlap. Pour the scrambled egg over the bacon and cover loosely with plastic wrap. Microwave for 1 minute.

    Meanwhile, slice the bagel if needed and spread the cheese on both halves evenly.

    Microwave egg/bacon for another 30 seconds.

    Remove carefully --- it's hot! Egg and bacon will be a solid block, remove with knife or fork, place on bagel and eat! If wrapped in foil, this is easily eaten on the road and extremely cheaper and more healthful that a McD's run.

    Serves 1 @ 5 points each
    restart 1 November 14

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    I have breakfast sandwichs almost everyday.

    I either use Sara lee delightful bread (1 pt / 2 slices) or a saralee delightful bagel (1 for 2 pts)

    1 scrambled egg (2pts)

    1 wedge laughing cow or 1 slice 2 % american cheese (1 pt for either option)

    a sprinkle of tastefully simple "bacon bacon" (0 points) cooked in the egg
    healthy choice ham (.5 or 1 pt) depending on if I use a whole serving or not.

    Its 4-6 points depending on which options I use. The 4 pts is for the bread, egg, cheese and bacon sprinkles.

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    Default Re: Faux McBagel with bacon and cheese

    Paris, this sounds deLISH! I will definitely be trying this!
    Things I'm Most Looking Forward To:
    No more back fat!
    More E-N-E-R-G-Y!
    Buying stylish, not oversized clothes
    Packing smaller clothes
    Living long enough to see my grandchildren grow up
    Having a stable wardrobe
    Ability to handle cravings
    The END of binging!
    A healthier me!

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