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    Ouch! It's really been bothering me lately. I stretch, I ice but yet it's still sore. Should I get a knee brace? Would that help? This is the sorest it has ever been. Maybe it's just time for new shoes.
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    My DH has the worst IT bands! They are like steel bars running down his legs. He is on his feet all day - usually on concrete in workbooks (he's an electrician), and the only thing that seems to help him is massage and stretching.

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    What is an IT band if you dont mind me asking.

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    Your illiotibial band is a strip of tissue that goes from your hip down along the outside of your leg to just under your knee. You get IT band syndrome by repeatedly bending and straightening your knee along with weakness in that area. IT band syndrome occurs when that tissue gets irritated as it rubs back and forth over outside of your knee. I've had problems with this before but usually it goes away. But since I've started running again, my right IT is super irritated. Yesterday I could hardly walk downhill without discomfort.

    My book says that it happens because of poor shoes (I'll be heading to the shoe store this week!), running on hard surfaces (most of my running has been on pavement), and training errors (I run quite consciously so I'm pretty sure it's not that). It's just been so painful and annoying this week. Perhaps I'll go see a sport med doctor. Argh.
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