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    I just had this was good and filled me up.

    1 Boca Chick'n Patty (spicy)--3 points
    1/4 cup egg beaters--1 point
    2 slices low calorie wheat bread--1 point
    1 laughing cow (light) cheese cube--0 (added up to be 7 calories)

    Toast bread, spread cheese on slices. Prepare eggs, and heat chick'n patty up. Put chick'n on bread, and top with eggs. You have a sandwhich ready to go!
    All can be prepared in 5 minutes or less.

    total points: 5

    I had this with some sugar free Kool-aid. At 5 calories a serving, it was pretty good.
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    HiYa CntryChik82;
    Sounds like a real sunday morn`in breakfast to me!! I just may take this & substitute the Boca Chick`n Patty & for a grilled Boca Burger Patty & it`ll just be like steak & eggs....Thanks for the recipe & Have a GRand OP Day!!

    Aquarius (Sara)

    Assumption`s the mother of all mess~ups!!

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