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Thread: Heaven in a WW package!

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    psst-itsme Guest

    Default Heaven in a WW package!

    Saturday morning meeting, there is a sale on the food!!! There is a God! lol

    Let me rave about the new goodies I bought...

    Cheddar Twists??? OMG, YUMMY 2 pts a bag.

    Mint Chocolate Bars??? OMG again!!! Give me strength to resist eating the whole box. Need I say more?? 2 points

    BTW, lookie... 5 pounds gone

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    Ryesmom Guest

    Default Re: Heaven in a WW package!

    I bought the chocolate crisp bar and the cheddar twists. Both are great! I wish I would have bought more!

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    psst-itsme Guest

    Default Re: Heaven in a WW package!

    LOL I am glad I didnt buy more. ~sighs~

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