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Thread: MasterCook Help- Cybergranny?

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    I have been re-inspired by your return, Cybergranny.
    I dusted off my copy of Mastercook and have been updating recipes all day.
    I so scared that if my computer crashes I will lose all this work.
    Is there a way to save them on a CD so I can just reload if that happens?

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    I don't know what version you have but if you will go to the help screen and then to the index and type in the word backup it should probably tell you there how to make a backup to a cd. I don't think it is worth the trouble to save the program to floppys unless you don't have a rewritable cd drive. It will take several floppys but only one cd. If you have a cd writer, try to use a rewritable cd and you can just keep adding to the same one without starting over each time.
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    Thank you so much for the reply.
    I'm a special kind of stupid when it comes to computers, so I still don't get it-but I have a place to start when my 12 year old gets home from school and can help me!
    I am using the old Cooking Light Version 6.0 because it has a lot of lighter recipes already in it.
    Thanks again

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    Open the software, get into the cookbook area, click on the word Help at the top, look in Contents at Cookbooks, then "backing up". Or use Index and type in the word in the search box.

    You can also export an entire cookbook and save that or share it instead of doing all that folder copying and stuff listed in the Help topics.

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