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Thread: Veggie point help please!!

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    AmandaAK Guest

    Default Veggie point help please!!

    If a veggie is 0pts, and say the serving is 1cup, if I eat more than 1 cup, when do I start adding points?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Some say veggies are 0, period. Others figure they need to add a point if they exceed 5 servings. Lettuce at 15 calories a cup is 0 points to me even if I eat a whole pound.

    If you're not having losses like you think you should, then you might want to look a little harder at the veggie servings. Until then, eat up, my opinion only of course.

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    AmandaAK Guest

    Default Re: Veggie point help please!!

    Thank you Frisky!

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    Default Re: Veggie point help please!!

    I don't count my veggies's never slowed my weight fact, the times I've really eaten a lot of veggies is when I've had the biggest losses. I figure I didn't get fat from eating too many veggies.

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    I am with Frisky, I don't count zero point veggies, but have read that if you experience a stall, you might want to take a look at how many zero point veggies you are eating.

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    AmandaAK Guest

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    Thanks Ladies, I'll just keep eating them as "free" food, and if I gain, I'll start counting.

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    I agree with the other's all about balance. Here's a great article from WW that sums it up nicely:

    Q: How much of a really low calorie food like vegetables can I eat before I have to worry that they'll cause me to gain weight?

    A: While most people won't gain weight from eating a few extra pieces of broccoli or Brussels sprouts, I do know some people who blame their excessive crudités and salsa habit for their inability to lose weight.

    Wow! Can baby carrots really be a prohibitive factor to weight loss? I'd say it's unlikely for most – I'd blame a lack of exercise, super-sized meal portions and excessive snacking instead – but mindlessly finish off a pound bag of baby carrots everyday and you can add nearly 200 calories to your daily caloric intake.

    Two hundred calories a day times 7 days a week adds up. In fact, eat that many calories over what your body requires every day and you can gain almost 2 pounds a month!

    So if you're competing with the rabbits and having a difficult time losing weight, you may want to cut back a bit. All foods contain calories. It's quantity that's key. That helps explan why 1 cup of cooked cauliflower contains no POINTS® values, but 6 cups will cost you three.
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