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Thread: using points throughout the day

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    Rasha Guest

    Question using points throughout the day

    Hi! I just started up the program this week and already I can see I'm having an issue..I work full time and school part time so I'm normally always on the run. I eat breakfast at work most of the time and I have a lot of soup for lunch because if I have to go to class it's quick and I can eat it at my desk and not get yelled at!

    so my problem is that by the time I get to dinner time, I've only used about 6 points and I have 30 for the day! (wow..that's like admitting how much I weigh..isn't it? ) So my real question is, how bad is it to use up the majority of my points at the end of the day? I'm also worried if I have a big points lunch that I won't have enough points left for dinner.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi there! far as the points being used.......I also had a hard time using the points during the day----But I have been told that as long as the points are used "during that day" whether it be day or evening, then its ok........I have found though with me, that if I eat a large dinner, it does not help me budget my food. I tend to If I really budget my points evenly throughout the day, then I stay satisfied and dont ever need to overeat! Plus it is healthier to steady and balance your meals.

    As far as eating all the points in the evening,,,,,,like I said, thats what I used to do when I was on WW a few years back, and it never stopped me from losing any weight, I still lost weight. I am not an expert, but thats what I was long as you eat your minimum points during "that day" whether it be day or evening (24 hour period)........hope this helps! Good Luck!

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    Rasha Guest

    Default Re: using points throughout the day

    Thanks for the info I'll have to see how I do this week. Sometimes I feel bad too..if I have 24 points to use before the end of the day I think, well I can get fast food and as long as it's not going over my points then it should be ok..right? I dunno..eatting mcdonald's fries, although still staying in my point range for the day, does not feel like it just a mindset issue? As in it's not really what you eat but how much? I'm used to diets just being veggies and salads and bland chicken. It seems weird that I can eat a slice of pizza if I have enough points for it..

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    Default Re: using points throughout the day

    The easiest way to start off with WW is to make as few changes in your eating schedule as possible. Breakfast at your desk is fine, soup is a great choice for lunch.

    You can use your points any way that works for you. A lot of people do exactly what you do -- make dinner a big meal and eat lightly the rest of the day. Your fear of not having points for dinner can be fixed with a little planning. I like to use half my points by lunch time, and for you that would still leave 15 Points for dinner.

    You can have more for breakfast and snacks on the run (you can make these ahead).

    What you might do is plan what you think would be a good dinner, see how many points that is, and divide the rest evenly between breakfast and lunch and snacks. Then you can eat confidently during the day and know you'll have enough points left in the evening.

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    Plan, plan, plan...That is the best way to do this. It was so hard for me to get into this and sometimes it still is, but I find that the days I plan out what I will have for the 24hrs I feel less stressed. I always felt like I had to hoarde my points in case I needed them for dinner and that left me hungry and miserable. It also made me think as you do that I could eat a bunch of junk at night and be w/in points. Unfortunately eating a bunch of fast food or snacks just made me feel sluggish and bad. Now I am trying to change my attitude and plan ahead as well as tell myself that if I want fast food or a higher point snack once in a while it is ok and I don't have to feel bad. I thought about it and realized that the point of trying to loose the weight for me is to also be more healthy and McDonald's daily wasn't going to help my health if I was w/in points or not. On the other hand to give it all up entirely is not realistic for me at this point because I will just crave it and pig out. So finding that balance is a journey as well. Hope this makes sense..

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    DebbyC Guest

    Default Re: using points throughout the day

    although I love to eat out, I am finding (this is my 4th week) that if I don't eat according to the good health guidelines, I get cravings that force me to eat movie popcorn and raisinettes against my will.

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