I posted this on my home board and thought some of you that come here to the MH might be interested as well.

I have downloaded a new software that is called FitDay. I like gadgets so I find it stimulating to have new tools to 'play' with.

This software is so much better than Weight Commander or any of the other 'diet' software that I have seen. It allows you to enter exact nutritional info on anything that you eat. It keeps meticulous records as long as you record your items. You can log daily, weekly, or monthly results and see where you stand in your journey to goal. It has a page for measurement taking that is explicit. It keeps a daily journal of foods and gives you nutritional values for what you have eaten each day. It also will recommend changes if you fall short of daily requirements. You can also keep a diary and log your daily moods. Very interesting and fun.

If you are interested in checking it out, the download is $19.95 and very easy to install. You can also track back on the calendar to your starting weight and log entries from there to get a true picture of where you stand.

Just thought some of you might be interested. Here is the link: