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Thread: mastercook 7-- I need Help!?!?

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    So I b ought a copy from the 5 dollar software store and it cam with NO directions--- SO I have been playing with for about 2 hours--- How do you add ingredients not already in there???? How do you put new recipes in and get the right nutritional values-- Does anyone know on the web where I can get help--- I really want to use it cuz all of you gals use it and love it

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    There are several "how to" threads in the Mess Hall for using MasterCook. You'll need to go back a number of pages unless someone else goes and bumps them up. Try the Search function too for faster access. The software (installed) has a HUGE Help topics section, I never bothered with the paper manual, it's quicker to find what I need using the Help topics while using the software.

    This site has a "Tips Cookbook" with instructions on how to install it:

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    I believe version 7 comes with a user's manual on the CD-ROM in Adobe PDF format. I'm not 100% positive on that, though.

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