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Thread: Marinara/Spaghetti Sauce?

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    Default Marinara/Spaghetti Sauce?

    I think the sauces I use are too high fat to be considered core, but I'm not finding any core recipes for these. Is it just because it's too "easy". IE: should I just make a regular marinara with less oil? Can I make one oil-free? Does anyone have a good recipe?

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    My marinara sauce just uses a little oil, I dont really measure it but its minimal, especially when divided up over the whole pot of sauce!, then I get canned whole plum tomatos, zap them in the blender or food processor for a second (I like my sauce kinda chunky). I sautee a lot of garlic, some salt, and sometimes crushed red pepper in the oil, add the tomatos, and bring to a boil. Then I simmer it for about an hour minimum.

    I've also added other veggies to make this more hearty...peppers, onions, even zucchini.

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    Default Re: Marinara/Spaghetti Sauce?

    not a recipe--but just to let you know that Whole Foods has a jarred Core marinara sauce--it is called 365 ff/sf spaghetti sauce--nothing but core ingredients



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    Genris, I make the Ww spagetti sauce found on page 49 of getting started book for all my recipes that call for sauce. I use diced no added salt tomatoes in place of crushedfor marinara sauce. I add lots of spices-- basil, bay leaves, oregano, parsley and thyme as well as double the amount of fresh minced garlic called for. Then I simmer the sauce for at least three hours. ( the longer the simmer, the better the sauce). My non WW son likes it.And it's only 1 pt/cup unless I add a tablespoon of olive oil ( get the oil in and no change in taste. ).

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