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Thread: Question about what materials I will need to be successful

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    Default Question about what materials I will need to be successful

    Hi everyone! I am so glad I happened upon this website- it seems like a winner. My colleague and I have definitely decided it is time to get serious and lose some weight. We have decided to do WW, but I have a question. I purchased a WW mag and in it I saw where I could buy the program for $99. I checked on Ebay and people are selling programs anywhere from 20 to 80 dollars or so depending on the products they are offering. My question is this- what do I really need as far as the books, brochures to be successful. I havent decided which program I will try core or flex, but I want info for both. Anyway if someone could help me I would really appreciate it! g8trzz

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    If you want Core and Flex you want materials for the TurnAround program.

    The best way to get them is to attend meetings. It takes 12 weeks to collect a complete set, and you also get the guidance of a trained leader, the support of the meeting, and the accountability of weekly WIs. You can do the math in your area to see the total cost. Cost varies by area, and there are usually discount packages if you are willing to pay for several weeks in advance.

    There are also a couple of optional supplemental books that you may want. They are the Complete Food Companion and the Dining Out Guide.

    You can also do WW At Home if it's available in your area, or WW online.

    Buying used materials violates WW's copyright. Materials are licensed to the member, not sold. People do it, but be aware.

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    Couldnt agree more Attend the meeting if there is any way you can I didnt miss one meeting for over a yr and then got really sick and had to miss but I am now working for WW it really works! Good luck and Im glad you decided to try ww Gina H
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    Agree with the other posts, find a meeting and attend wekly. the WI are a motivation in themselves. when you see what you are accomplishing, you want to keep the scale moving downward. Also, a good WW leader can inspire you, support you, and assist you with any questions you have about the program. . Our leader is not only knowledgeable about WW, she's fun, and her meetings are always full. WW is not expensive, and any costs are really balanced by the benefits=== a new, healthier you.

    Gina, been wanting to tell you how inspiring you are. Yours was one of the first posts I ever read when I first found this site, and your quote is awesome! I enlarged it and printed it. Now hanging in two places in my kitchen where I read it many, many times all day long.
    Have a good OP week!!!! And, keep up the inspiring words, thanks.

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