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Thread: Anyone remember Hot 'n Hearty?

  1. Default Anyone remember Hot 'n Hearty?

    Hi, I just joined this group yesterday and am having a ball with recipes. Years ago in WW I used to make a breakfast recipe called Hot "n Hearty. It used regular oatmeal, crushed pineapple, dry milk, brown sweet and low, some cinnamon. You baked it in the oven. It was so fabulous!! I have a sweet tooth and this used to zap it. It made 4 servings and I would freeze 3 for other days. Very filling. I suppose I could try to recreate it but I thought someone else might have it. Thanks!!

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    Hi! That sounds a lot like "Baked Oatmeal" here! We've got recipes on Breakfast Forum AND Core Recipes Forum.

    There are actually many different variations and "tweaks" to choose among~ :bcbsalute
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