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Thread: Granola with Splenda recipe??

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    Default Granola with Splenda recipe??

    I'm on the core plan and looking for a granola recipe that uses splenda.
    (My standard recipe uses old fashion rolled oats, oil and honey or maple syrup and then I bake.)
    Any ideas about how to create something wet/sticky enough to coat the oats while substituting splenda?

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    Default Re: Granola with Splenda recipe??

    Your profile doesn't say where you are. So I am going to assume either the USA or Canada - most people seem to be from there!
    Here in New Zealand we can buy liquid Splenda which might do the trick for you - but to be honest I'm not too sure what Granola is!!
    You could also make up a syrup using "Cup for Cup" splenda and a little water. Although that cup for cup stuff has a lot of fillers which some people think tastes funny (??) never noticed it myself. So I also make syrup using the splenda pills which don't have fillers in them.

    Hope something here helps

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    Default Re: Granola with Splenda recipe??

    Do you have access to Davinci or Torani Sugar Free Syrups?
    I make this: Oatmeal "Granola"
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