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Thread: Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

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    Default Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

    I am thinking about joining curves. Is anyone a member? Do you recommend it? Does the music get annoying?

    I currently walk 3 miles every day. I think this would be a great supplement and I would be able to firm some areas of my body that walking is not.

    Any information that you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

    I didn't like the music, thought the circuit was boring, regretted getting a membership, BUT I do know many people who have loved it. Sheila

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    Default Re: Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

    I have been a member of Curves since April, 2004. In 6 months I have taken 11 inches off my body and have lost 12 pounds. I have gone down 2 dress sizes. Most Curves let you try their machines a couple of times to see if you would like the circuit workout and the machines. Curves is a great way to get introduced to the various machines out there without the intimidation of a large gym. I suggest you go to one and ask them to show you the machines and try them a couple of times. When and if you join, you can go to any Curves and do your workout. I have been to several of them in my area, and also when I went on vacation..I went to the one in Missouri. Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

    I tried Curves two times. Both times I got bored after two times arounds and also didn't like the music. I probably didn't give it a good enough try and I have heard it works for a lot of people.

    I think I will stay with my walks.

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    Default Re: Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

    First a disclaimer: I do not belong to Curves (and have never been a member). Next a testimony: My mom did it for awhile and liked it a lot because she could always jump in anywhere in the circuit and complete a workout in 30 minutes.

    Now my professional opinion (as an ACE-certified personal trainer): Any program that involves doing the same exercises over and over for a long period of time will eventually get old. Not just psychologically, but also physiologically. You see, the way we nudge our bodies to get stronger is through "progressive overload," and "specificity of training."

    By specificity of training, I mean that, say, if you want to improve your endurance for stair-climbing, the best way to do it is to DO that specific movement in your workout - i.e. use a stair climber. The way you get stronger is to increase your intensity a little at a time (over several weeks), so that you "progressively overload" your muscles to work a bit harder than you do normally.

    What happens is that your body will adapt by actually increasing the amount of muscle tissue used FOR THAT PARTICULAR MOVEMENT. This is good - up to a point. You see, after several weeks (say two months or so) of the same training program, you will see your progress slow significantly. Your body has ADAPTED. It will take substantially more effort over a longer time to see any further (and smaller) improvement.

    At that point, you should change your workout, to challenge your body to adapt in other ways. This is my main problem with Curves. The workout never changes. (Of course you could do worse than Curves by simply doing NOTHING).

    I think Curves is a great way to START a strength-training program, especially if you've never set foot in a gym before, but after a month or two, I would recommend changing your workout. If you can join Curves on a monthly basis, you could come and go every couple of months and intersperse that with, say, doing some exercise videos at home, or a class at the local gym. Or training on your own. It might be fun to alternate according to the seasons, and whether you can get outside (Curves in the winter, biking in the Spring?)

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents, for what it's worth.

    Good luck, whatever you decide.
    - Jennifer
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    Default Re: Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

    I didn't like it, and part of the reason was the annoying music! Now, I can use the same CD for three days in a row for cardio, but that's music of my choice, and not remakes (I am biased in that regard!) I also found that I outgrew the workout and found it tedious within two months.

    It's a good jumping-off point for many people, OTOH, and helps people get off the couch! That's a Good Thing (TM Martha)!!!
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    Default Re: Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

    Missy. I was a very early member of Curves. I will say this:

    a.) If you're not into a workout already, Curves is a great jumping off point.

    b.) It does work for a while until you top out of it. Eventually, if you're doing it right you will feel you need more.

    c.) If you are physically fit and toned already, don't bother, it'll be too beginner.

    When I was a member, I saw that the most overweight people really benefitted from it since it's easy to get started and sustain a pace. For me, I hated when my heartrate was up high and there was someone slow getting on and off machines in front of me. You're very reliant on the other folks around you in that workout and if you get a slowpoke, it can really ruin the groove.

    I did lose inches the first months, but eventually did get bored with the music and the circuit and wound up with Jazzercise and other class-type environments.

    I hope that helps.
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    Default Re: Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

    I was on Curves for 8 months when I was in the States and I really like it. I especially like the fact that is exactly half an hour from the moment that you walk in to the moment that you finished. It was easy to plan a work out during the day for this exact reason. I used to be a member of a gym and somethimes I got annoyed by the fact that you need to count the repetition of each exercise and a lot of time the machines that I needed where already taken. With Curves after a couple of minutes of your exercise you are done like everybody else so everybody changes machine at the same time. I honestly loved it, and if we have it here in Italy for sure I would join
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    Default Re: Curves - Feedback would be appreciated!

    I have a differing opinion from some people. I am in fairly good shape and have run and walked and lifted weights consistenly for the past few years. I went to curves and I LOVED it. I thought it was a good difficulty level if you really push yourself. The thing about it is though (an not all locations have this) is free weights on the stations...the curves I went to had 3-8 lb dumbells on recovery stations and I used those to really get my heart rate up and get a good workout. I was always moderately sore after my workouts and I was used to lifting weights. So like everything else, your milage may vary.
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    I was a member of curves for about a year and I like it. I was teaching at the time and would go straight to curves from school and workout. It was a great way for me to exercise and work out some of my stress. I did notice that after a while the exercises became easier. When it became easier, I found ways to make it more difficult, like changing the way I did squats. Finding a work out you you like and can stick with is the most important thing, and remember that with any workout you will get out of it what you put in to it. Good luck!

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