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    Bonnie Belle Guest

    Talking Core Program


    Can someone please describe the Core Program including a list of Core foods and explanation about the points integrated for snacks. It's sounds like my type of lifestyle.

    Thank you,

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    Bonnie, the program is detailed--like all the Weight Watchers programs--and to get the complete info you can either join online at or go to that website and find a meeting location. Also on that site, they'll give you some limited information (without becoming a member) about the new Turnaround program that includes Core.

    On this site, we just discuss Weight Watcehrs and support each other, but the information about WW programs is copyrighted and you must go to the source to get it.

    Hope you enjoy the program if you decide to try it! Lots of people seem to love it--including me!
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    Nobody's going to put a complete description of the Core plan here.

    Weight Watchers owns the copyright and to post the whole plan would put BCB at risk of being shut down.

    Besides, it's unfair to those of us who have paid for the materials!

    That said, there's a lot of useful information to be gleaned if you have a look around! We have a lot of buddies who are trying the Core plan, and a bunch of other buddies who are incorporating more Core foods into the Flex plan.

    The basics are easy ... you eat pretty much what you want off of the Core lists, and you have a weekly allowance of 35 points to spend on whatever non-Core foods you want.

    Welcome to BCB!

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    I think registration is free right now so you would only have to pay the weekly meeting fee to attend the meeting.

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    judyo53 Guest

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    As I answered in a similar request, I learned everything about the Flex Program on-line. The Core plan is more complicated, IMO, so I went to my first ever WW meeting. I enjoyed it so much (plus there was free registration & reduced weekly fees) that I will continue going to meetings. Can't wait for my next one. I couldn't imagine following Core without the instructions I got at the meeting, including the Getting Started Kit I purchased.

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    Bonnie Belle Guest

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    Sorry, I don't want it to seem like if I'm trying to take advantage of subscribers or this site. I thought it might be possible to get the basic info because I got all the information I needed for the Winning Points Program
    on-line (everything from lists of food points and point ranges, to an unofficial points calculator etc..)

    Thanks for the information you did give, I'm considering joining.


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    Tikibc28 Guest

    Default Re: Core Program

    Nancy & Bonnie....
    I am glad that you both are interacting like this because it has helped me. I am deciding whether or not I will join. I wanted to know some things about the programs myself. It is great to get an idea of how it works. Nancy I am glad that you at least gave a synopsis of what the Core program is. At least I can understand that there are points and there are certain foods that we can eat. Thanks to you both. I am doing my research and I would like to take advantage of a membership especially now that the sign-up is free. Can't beat that! Thanks again to you both and Bonnie I hope you join. You and I will probably have a lot of questions as new "boot camp" recruits! Have a blessed day!

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