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Thread: Yummy hi-fiber breakfast

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    Default Yummy hi-fiber breakfast

    Hey y'all!

    I had a great, crunchy breakfast!

    1/2 cup Kashi Go-Lean (dry)
    1/2 cup All-bran (dry)
    1/2 cup organic, fat-free plain yogurt (Stoneyfield)
    1 TB organic apricot nectar (juice-sweetened, After the Fall brand)
    fruit of choice - add appropriate points

    Delicious and filling at only 3 points (without fruit), 21 gms of fiber (almost the min for the day!) and 27 gms of protein!

    I don't usually buy pre-made cereals, but I got a great deal on these at a discount food store. I also don't usually do dairy since it upsets my system, but I am experimenting with the Stoneyfield organic, ff, plain. So far so good!
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    Default Re: Yummy hi-fiber breakfast

    That would make a great snack as well!
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