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Thread: learning to run question ?

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    Question learning to run question ?

    I've just started running ,
    run 1 minute walk etc... but I have found that my shin bones hurt when I run. I am currently 220 and 5''3.
    Should I lose more weight before I take up running ? or is there something else that I need to do to stop the pain ?
    any ideas most welcome.
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    What you describe sounds more like potential injury than normal muscle soreness. Perhaps you should stick to walking for now (at least until the pain stops). You can pick up the pace for 1 min. intervals without running. Maybe you could even take up race walking - very intense! Or try running less (maybe 15 sec. at a time instead of 1 min.) until you build up some strength. And make sure you are wearing good shoes!

    Running can be very hard on the joints and bones in the legs. "Shin splints" is a common injury. Somewhere in my distant past I read that people who are more than 20 lb. or so overweight should not run; it is too hard on the joints and there is too much risk of injury.

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    be sure you are stretching good before you start walking/running. There are several stretches you can do to stretch the calf muscle and the area of your shin.

    Don't give up on running if that's what you want! Just take it slow and work your way up to running.

    (I'm a walker and do a little running if my legs get tired from walking. You use different muscles for each.)
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    There are many good shoes out there for larger runners. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to check some of them out. I was running at my top weight of 178 and people like us are much harder on our shoes and need more support and sturdier shoes that the average light weight runner. Shin pain is very common in beginning runners. Shoes can make a huge difference in how you feel. Make sure you get the shoes from a store that specializes in running shoes. The people in these places can watch how you move and make suggestions as to what would be a good shoe for you.

    Stretching is also important, but better to stretch well AFTER you have done your workout.....or do 10 minutes and then stop and stretch. The risk of injury is greater when you try to stretch muscles that are cold. Check out or Both of these sites have information for beginning runners.

    Good luck and happy running.

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    thank you for the reply's ladies, I've spoken to a lady and she says that my shin muscles are probably too tight. So I'm going to do more stretching and flexing exercise's. I have also bought some new running shoes, that I hadn't used when I first tried running. I will also take it slower. I think that I will need more help when I'm doing cardio, as it is very easy not to push myself enough.

    I might have to save up and get a personal trainer just to get myself going.
    come sit down beside me, I said to myself,
    and although it didnt make sense, I held my own hand as a small sign of trust,
    and together, I sat on the fence" :rolleyes:

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