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Thread: WW Snack Cakes?

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    Tina_30 Guest

    Default WW Snack Cakes?

    I just found this post at and wondered if any of you had found them or tried them yet??
    Sounds yummy!!

    "I just got back from my favorite store (Walmart) where I found WeightWatchers Snacks. They are like Little Debbie Cakes. I am a receptionist for WW so I knew that they were coming out but I didn't know when.

    There are 4 varieties.
    Chocolate and Carrot Cakes 1 point each. (6 in a box )
    Apple Spice and Blue Berry Muffins at 3 points each (3 in a box)

    They sold for $2.87 a box.

    They are suppose to come out with 2 flavors of oatmeal also so keep an eye out for them."

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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    There's another thread regarding these in the Product Review forum...
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    Tina_30 Guest

    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    thank you so much! I figured they were posted over here someplace, just didn't know where to find it - thanks again!!

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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    I found these at my Walmart yesterday. I got the carrot cake ones. They have a cream cheese icing on them for 1 point each. They are very small (about 3 bites), dry, and the icing is hard. I was really disappointed and I won't be buying them again.
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    loozinforlife Guest

    Exclamation Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    Oooo! I hope you don't judge them all by the carrot cake! Of the 4 choices they have, the carrot cake was my least favorite! The chocolate is also small (but what do you want for 1 Point??) but I thought it was good. The blueberry and apple muffins (3 Points each) are WONDERFUL!!!! They are moist and have a wonderful flavor AND no trans fats! My 2 thumbs are up for WW on these!! Much better than ANY of the 2 Point bars at the meetings!

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    Tina_30 Guest

    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    Thanks for the advice on those, I may bypass the carrot cake ones then and go straight for the muffins if I ever find them that is!!

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    Nelly23 Guest

    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    Hi, everyone. I'd like to try these alleged snack cakes and muffins but I haven't seen them anywhere! Maybe it's because I live in WY?! We have a super-Walmart...are they supposed to be at all Walmarts, I wonder?

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    Tina_30 Guest

    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    from what I understand they are brand new and some people say they are officially coming out in August but that could mean the whole month, who knows. A couple people said they had them in their super walmarts on the end of an aisle, like a special - not with the other cakes/snacks. I looked at both places and haven't seen them yet - going back tonight and will look again. We live in a pretty rural area though so we may be slow to get them. I guess just keep lookin'!

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    Special*K Guest

    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    Love 'em! I just tried the chocolate snack cake that I found at our local Super Wal-mart and I fell in love with them! They're small, but so worth it! I went back and bought a few more boxes to keep in the cupboards (or my tummy)! I bought the carrot cake but I haven't tried them yet.
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    Vandy947 Guest

    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    I have only had the chocolate ones, and I thought they were very good. My SIL and I actually shared a box and considered it a 3 pt piece of chocolate cake. At first it seemed expensive, but I couldn't get a good moist piece of ch. cake anywhere for 1.40 (about the price of 1/2 a box). This will be an occasional treat for me, not a regular thing.

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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    OOo I am going to have to go out and find them, they sound good I don't like carrot cake so that won't be a problem for me. I wonder if these new cakes have anything to do with the new plan coming out? Thanks for letting us know about them.

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    Wink Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    Hi everyone I work for walmart and I am very excited about the cakes I have tried the carrot cake its not to bad but now I am headed for the chocolate cakes, I cant wait to try them. I dont know about you guys but walmart is the only place that I have seen them. Well Happy trails.

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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    When I went to WM the chocolate cake was out, but I got the carrot cakes and they were excellent! Tasted just like the hostess/little debbie carrot cupcakes.

    Blueberry muffins are good as well.
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    I bought the carrot cake ones, and the chocolate ones yesterday. After opening the box of the carrot cake ones, I was extremely disappointed. I could probably eat the whole thing in one bite!!!! Although I finished it in two. The icing was hard.

    I'm probably better off staying with my low fat hostess snacks.

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    Kelly_S Guest

    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    Not a good points deal! 2 bites it is gone, dry as the Sahara Desert too. Icing pulls off with the first bite.

    There is a chocolate high fiber muffin around here that is much bigger (Sorry I don't have it but I know I have seen it in here before) for the same 1 point.

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    ladycee Guest

    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?



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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    They are in the supercenter walmarts.. I travelled almost an hour to go to one only to find out they were all out of them, they can't keep them on the shelves but I did get the apple muffins haven't tried those yet my DM who lives in Florida found the choclate ones at her super walmart and sent me a box ( bless her heart) and I loved them...I ate two..and I keep them in the fridge they are so good cold....I have had them since Saturday and only have had two I am so proud of myself..

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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    I have bought these several times, and last week my sister asked me to get her 4 boxes! They don't always have them in stock (I find mine in the bread aisle of Walmart), but this week they had a lot (guess they are getting wise to us WW). I like the carrot cakes, but LOVE the chocolate cakes. It's just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. The carrot cake is good if you microwave it for a few seconds...makes the icing soften up a bit.

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    My favorites are the carrot cake They taste like they are real!! They are small but well worth the one point! We drove 45 minutes to a Super Walmart to find them. They aren't any closer

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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    I saw them in ww magazine and my mom and I want to try them....are they only at superwalmarts?
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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    Quote Originally Posted by pudgie
    I saw them in ww magazine and my mom and I want to try them....are they only at superwalmarts?
    I haven't tried them yet but I've also seen them at my local grocery store, HyVee. So I would call around to find out if your local stores have them.
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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    For some reason I "need" something sweet at my coffee break in the morning. Two bites is fine, especially if it only costs a point! In the past I've used the Barry's twists but they are very fragile to carry around. I'm going to try one box of these - less $$$ than a latte!
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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    Personally, I think they are delicious! I like them all. Its great for when you need something sweet, its enough to take care of the sweet tooth. You have to be careful though, if you eat one its 1pt, but if you eat two it comes out to 3 pts.
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    Default Re: WW Snack Cakes?

    My favorite, get the Fat Free Sugar Free Edys Vanilla ice cream (1pt) and crumble the little cake on to either one is good. Yum Yum Cake and ice cream 2pts.


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    I finally found them!!!! The Walmart closest to me doesn't carry them but I happened to go by another walmart about 15 minutes away and stopped in. They had everything!! The snack cakes, muffins, bagels, english muffins and bread Guess it depends on whose doing the ordering.

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