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    Default Parisienne Huevos Rancheros

    Parisienne Huevos Rancheros

    1 La Tortilla brand tortilla
    Mist of olive or macadamia nut oil
    1 cup barbeque black bean chili
    1 large chicken egg
    Sprinkle of cheddar cheese

    Mist a small skillet with oil and place over medium heat. Warm the chili gently in the skillet. In a small custard dish, break the egg and then place the egg over the chili; cover skillet. While the egg poaches, place the tortilla on a plate and microwave for 15-30 seconds. When the egg has poached and the chili is warm, place on top of the tortilla - sprinkle with a tiny bit of cheddar for garnish.

    Serves 1 @ 6 points


    I've been omitting the tortilla and using a half ounce of reduced-fat Mexican cheese blend by Sargento. Still 6 points and just as good!
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    Default Re: Parisienne Huevos Rancheros

    Paris, I'm addicted to that BBQ chili! I love food to smack me upside the head with flavor, and breakfast is no exception! I'm gonna try this one for sure!
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