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Thread: Spinach Feta Omelet

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    I have made this for breakfast quite a bit lately, though it would probably be a good lunch or light supper. I love it and it's got lots of good veggies in it. Really satisfies my appetite and keeps me full for a long time.

    1/3 c chopped onion
    1/2 c sliced mushrooms
    1/2 c sliced spinach
    1 oz feta cheese
    1/2 c egg substitue
    salt & pepper to taste
    nonstick spray

    Spray a nonstick pan with spray ( I like butter kind) Saute the mushrooms and onion together, add spinach and cover to wilt. Crumble feta cheese over spinach and cover again to melt feta. Place in a bowl and respray pan. Add egg substitue and cook as for omelet. Add the spinach-feta mixture and fold omelet over. Season with salt & pepper if desired.
    egg sub- 1 point
    1 oz feta -2 points
    veggies- 0 points
    the whole thing is only 3 points!!!

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    I'm a huge fan of eggs with spinach and feta. One thing I also like to add sometimes is roasted red bell peppers and garlic. Or some vegetarian breakfast sausage crumbled up in there....... Mmmm

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    Sounds awesome. Actually, sounds like dinner! I will add homefries seasoned with garlic and oregano, and a salad with lots of sliced tomatoes, dressed with 1 t. of olive oil and lemon.
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    Thank you!! This looks great....

    printing out...

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    This is my 2nd time this week to have this and it's great. I think you could easily get away with less cheese for less points. I lightly grate some cheese on top for a little flavor so I'm counting this as 2 points.
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    Sounds yummy... One of the Safeway stores near us carrys a fat-free feta cheese.. only 1 point for an ounce... [img]graemlins/thumbup.gif[/img] can't tell the difference between it and the regular version...

    So, make mine a two-pointer!!

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    This is excellent! I have modified it and added mushrooms.....tomatoes all sorts of things! Great recipe.

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