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    I love breakfast food, particularly for dinner, since I don't have time to fix much in the morning and usually just eat instant oatmeal. Anyway, I have discovered a great breakfast dish that you could really eat at any time of the day. I start by microwaving either 1 egg, beaten, or about 1 egg's worth of egg beaters for about 1 minute. I put one slice of fat-free cheese on the egg to melt. Then I toast one english muffin and put half the egg on each side of the muffin. I top it off with a Morningstar Farm sausage pattie on each side, and it is delicious! It totally fills you up and you feel like you are eating a lot, but it's very low in points. Just thought I'd share!
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    Thanks I am not a big breakfast eater...
    Our leader told us a way to make an egg muffing lower in points by cutting out the middle of the muffin.
    Neato I thought , cut out 1 pt by doing this ..

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    Hello, In respond to the English muffin. They do make a 1 pt muffin I bought it at Fry's food store. Its called Nature's Grain Lite.

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    Also you can use Canadian bacon - 4 slices for 1 point!

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