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    Recipe for Pancakes - they are very good.

    1/2 c fiber one cereal
    1/2 c Fat Free cottage cheese
    1/2 c egg substitue
    1 packet of Splenda
    dash of cinnamon
    1/2 tsp vanilla
    2-3 drops of orange extract or 1/4 tsp orange peel.

    Put everything in food processor (metal blade) or blender. It makes a very thick batter. Spoon it out onto a sprayed hot griddle. Spread the batter to make a good size pancake.

    Makes 5-6 large pancakes, 3 pts for entire recipe.

    Spray with ICBINB and use sugar free syrup.

    I made these this morning and thought they were very good. Give them a try.

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    Wow, does that sound awesome! I'm going out right now to buy some FF cottage cheese and Egg Beaters. I've been having a craving for blintzes or cheese bagels, but this is a lot more point-friendly. So I think this is what I'll have for dinner. [img]graemlins/bcbsalute.gif[/img]
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    I'll have to try that soon! The only pancakes that get made around here are my husband's chocolate chip so drowned in maple syrup you cant taste the actual pancake pancake recipe
    It will be nice to have a pancake I can eat, maybe if I throw a few chocolate chips in one my husband will lower himself to eat one :rolleyes:
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    I tweaked this a bit more than a bit, with such massive success that I will be making this every week!

    For starters, I doubled the recipe, and sprinkled half of the Fiber One in a pie plate. The other half of the cereal got blended in with the cottage cheese, Egg Beaters, and about a tablespoon of Vanilla DaVinci Syrup. Then, I added 1/2 T. of baking powder, poured the mixture into the pie plate and baked it at 350 till it was puffed and firm.

    The end result: A delicious cross between a blintz and a cheesecake. I served it with cut-up fruit on top and a blob of vanilla yogurt. Wowee kazowee! You could serve 1/6th of the recipe as a 1-point slice of cheesecake. Even with a garnish of a few berries, it's still one little point. For cheesecake!!!
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    I made these this morning and I thought they were pretty good. Mine turned out a little bet heavy so I added a bit of baking powder to the remaining batter. I think I will try to add a little more. I also might add a little ginger to them. I think they had kind of a gingerbready taste to me. They sure did fill me up though, and I got half my daily fiber requirement! I'd rather eat 1/2 c fiber one that way instead of in a bowl with milk. That stuff tastes like straw.
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    Do these freeze well for a quick breaky mid week?


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    What else can be used besides Splenda to sweeten this? Splenda and nutrasweet give me migraines.


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