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    dachshundtales Guest


    This is my creation when I really want a nasty (14 pts!) cardboard pie in those little wax paper bags! ( why do I want those? [img]graemlins/ugh.gif[/img] ) I eat it for BKFT. or see note below for dessert. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

    1 flour fat free tortilla = 2 pts.
    1T. reduced fat P.B. = 2 pts.
    1T. fat free cream cheese = 0 pts.
    1 sm. apple sliced= 1 pt.
    total: 5 pts.

    sautee' apple in spray (Pam) and sprinkle with cinnamon (or pie spice)and splenda to taste.

    let tortilla come to room temp. and spread your cream cheese and p.b. on it add apples on top and place on skillet thats been sprayed (you guessed it with Pam). flip half of tortilla over so you have a crescent or half circle. Toast - flip - toast other side.

    This becomes Dessert when you put f.f.carmel syrup on it for 2 more pts.
    enjoy. Donna

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    Mmmmmm! Sounds great!! I'll make this today using homemade soy YoCheese and stevia.
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    Ok, I give what is STEVIA? I have never even heard of this? Is it like a peanut butter? I am all ears...well actually thats a lie definetly have a mouth that loves to be fed. [img]tongue.gif[/img] Donna

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    Hi, Hey! This looks good. I'm going to try it.


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    Wow, this sounds delicious. I buy "Gringo Petes
    Flour Tortillas". They are not large ones, but average size and they are 1 point ea. :eek:
    I am going to try it with those and then the points drop one. But thats ok. Its something I am taking on my vacation next week. I am going to make it into a dessert for the evening time.
    Thanks again for another wonderful receipe !!
    Its almost Friday (thank god)
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    Stevia is an herb and natural sweetener. I don't believe it's FDA approved so it's considered a "dietary supplement".

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